Flemington Racecourse

Location: Melbourne, Australia Application Scenario: Venues Product: FJC-Z3319 Tripod Turnstile Flemington Racecourse is one of the most important racetracks in Australia, which is located in the northeast of Melbourne and covers an area of 1.27 square kilometers. It is shaped like a pear. The circumference of the runway is 2,312 meters and the length of the last straight part is 450 meters. The race is conducted counterclockwise. The three grandstands in the racecourse can accommodate up to 120,000 persons at the same time.

Project Profile

As control devices for convenient pedestrian passage, FJC-Z3319 tripod turnstiles produced by FUJICA are applied to the entrance and exit of the passage in the venue to orderly manage and check the safety of the spectators entering and leaving the racecourse.


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