Safe and efficient—The new FJC-Z2528 anti-collision swing gate is launched

With the increasing requirements of the city on the safety management of the entrance and exit, in different scenes of daily life, we often see different types of entrance and exit gate. The installation of the gate can play an effective role in the safety specification and access management of public places, while different scenes have different requirements for the function and application of the gate.

In view of the needs and pain points of the complex and dense flow of people, frequent access of non-motor vehicles, difficult management of the separation of people and vehicles, and harsh use environment at the entrance and exit of communities, construction sites, parks and other traffic scenes, Fuji Intelligent provides the new FJC-Z2528 turnstile product solution to facilitate the safe and convenient access and efficient traffic management of people and vehicles.

Delicate appearance and craftsmanship

The body of FJC-Z2528 swing gate is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, durable and bright as new. It is fully textured with fine wire drawing texture technology. At the same time, the whole machine adopts linear geometric cutting modeling, the body line is natural and smooth, the corner arc design, fine grinding, and the overall appearance is simple, stable and solid.

Strong movement, stable and durable

FJC-Z2528 swing brake adopts the mechanical structure design of horizontal DC brushless motor+embedded clutch, with integrated movement, firm structure, strong torque, friction resistance and noise reduction, long operation effect, adjustable switching speed of 0.5S~1.5S, MCBF ≥ 15 million times, and operating noise ≤ 65dB.

Man-vehicle shunting anti-collision reset

The FJC-Z2528 gate supports the standard channel width of 600-1200mm. Based on the use concept of mixed flow of people and vehicles and the management of people and vehicles, the gate supports the anti-collision automatic reset function, and bears the external force of<200KGF. At the same time, the channel width and gate material can be flexibly adjusted and freely replaced according to the site conditions.

Multiple protection and safe passage

The body of the FJC-Z2528 swing gate is densely covered with 10 pairs of photoelectric switches. At the same time, the strict passage protection area is set through the zone detection+fuzzy algorithm technology, which can sensitively sense the high-speed moving objects in the channel. Combined with infrared, mechanical, current and other multiple anti-pinch technologies, it can effectively protect pedestrians.

Multi-authentication panoramic fusion

FJC-Z2528 swing gate supports face recognition, card swiping in and out, two-dimensional code recognition, person ID card comparison and other access authentication methods to meet the use needs of various traffic scenarios; In addition, the gate can be linked with multiple systems such as attendance, elevator control, access control, etc. to create a closed-loop solution for the whole scene of the People's Bank of China and expand more possibilities.

Sound and light coexist and interact with intelligence and sense

FJC-Z2528 swing gate is also equipped with highly personalized dual-color channel status indicator light and traffic indicator light, which can let travelers clearly understand the channel status and pass quickly; The natural and friendly intelligent voice broadcasting and sound-light system allows people to enjoy immersive passing experience and comfortable passing.

Flexible application indoors and outdoors

FJC-Z2528 swing gate has the characteristics of high standard, high quality, high integration, high security, etc. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor environments such as communities, construction sites, office buildings, hospitals, schools, parks, government and enterprise agencies, and provides safe and efficient management services for the sharing of people and vehicles.



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