China's first national standard for intelligent parking was released, and FUJICA was the main drafting unit

Recently, the first national standard"General Requirements for Smart Parking" for intelligent parking in China was approved and released by the General Administration of Market Regulation, and FUJICA participated in the development of the standard as the main participant.


General Requirements for Smart Parking" is the first national standard in the field of urban smart parking in my country, and it is also the top-level architecture design standard for urban smart parking. It establishes the overall architecture of smart parking and specifies the basic requirements of IOT perception, network communication, computing storage, data support, application services, security, etc. It is applicable to the planning, design, construction and operation and maintenance of smart parking.

As a national high-tech enterprise, FUJICA invests more than 10% of its sales in R&D every year, owns nearly 200 core technology patents and software copyrights, and is the main maker of many national standards and industry standards in China.


FUJICA has gradually built up a smart parking service system with "intelligent hardware + business platform + scene service" as the core, and through continuous improvement of the product system and industry ecological.

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