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FJC-D2S Vehicle Barrier Gate

FJC-D2S Serial

The FJC-D2S serial vehicle barrier gate has a small and exquisite appearance which is simple and fashionable matched with black and gold colors to show its high-end and calm features. It uses the servo technology to control the DC brushless motor, internationally advanced gear reduction mechanism, and humanized clutch apparatus, to provide excellent handling performance. Its gate bar is lifted fast and drops steadily, and smoothly, without jittering. It supports intelligent detection and rebounding in case of a barrier. Therefore, it can fully ensure access safety of people and vehicles.

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    Product Model FJC-D2S
    Appearance Color Champagne golden and silver black
    Case Dimension(L*W*H) 300*275*1,000mm
    Material And Technology Case: galvanized plate spraying
    Gate bar: aluminum alloy spraying
    Service Life ≥5 million times
    Remote Distance ≤30m
    Gate Bar Types Straight bar/Curved arm bar/Fence bar
    Lengths Of The Gate Bar Straight bar: ≤6m
    Curved arm bar: ≤5m
    Fence bar: ≤5m
    Gate opening/closing time 3s-5s
    Working Voltage AC 220V/110 ±10% 50/60Hz
    Total Power ≤200W
    Working Temperature -25℃ to +70℃
    Working Humidity ≤95%, no condensation
    Protection Class IP54
    Working Environment Outdoor

Anti-collision Rod Release Device

It is applicable to the golden oval straight rod. The lever release catch can be adjusted slightly. It has a unique rebound buffer design. After the brake rod is broken, it can avoid secondary damage caused by the rebound of the brake rod
Anti-collision Rod Release Device

Remote Control Button

Manual remote control to realize the lifting and stopping of the gate, with the maximum remote control distance ≤30m.
Remote Control Button

FJC-D2S Boom Barrier Gate Datasheet



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